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Discover hard-to-find food near you from food trucks, farmers' markets and specialty food vendors all in real-time. 

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Real-Time Locations

Stop researching and guessing. Food Moves’® real-time tracker ensures that you’ll spend less time searching and more time eating.



Menus + Catering

Want to know what the daily specials are? Food Moves’® live menus are updated daily for optimum freshness. You can also book any vendor on Food Moves for an event! Even Farms 😃.  

Universal Search

Want to find a farmers' market, a food truck, vegetarian food, or just an ingredient? Food Moves® can search across all these different criteria. 

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A Farm to Office Program: It's a private farmers' market in your office. 

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Search for Ingredients

Love you some kale? Well, with Food Moves®, it couldn't be any easier to find. Simply search for "kale" and we will not only show you where you can buy that ingredient, but also every menu item that has kale in it, sorted by distance to you, of course.

Check-in Deals

Take advantage of last-minute deals at farmers' markets or Food Moves' exclusive discounts. We want to save you money and help you track down amazing, hard-to-find food in the easiest way possible


What are you waiting for? We know you're hungry.  Discover new food and produce in your backyard. 

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Our Launch Cities


New York/ NJ






MryTle Beach and Charleston

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