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All Aboard The Gravy Train

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You've got delicious tacos! Or your grandma's biscuit recipe! Or farm-fresh radishes and beets! Whatever it is, Food Moves is here to connect your business to the consumers. Let's bring home the bacon.


Current Location

Hit the 'current location' button at the top of the Vendor Profile. From here, flip the switch next to 'current location' to turn on GPS tracking. This lets us put you on the map where your consumers can find you!

Next, edit your hours of operation and hit 'Automatic Tracking'. That will ensure the GPS only tracks you when you're operating. You can also hit 'reminders' for notifications that we're starting to track you.

Lastly, you can adjust how frequently we update your location on the map. Slide the 'GPS frequency' left for once an hour, or all the way right for real time. If you're parked at a corner all day, you're probably fine with once an hour (to save battery). If you're moving around constantly, real time is the way to go. 

If there are any problems with your location, you can also use the 'fine tune address' feature on the Location page. Hit that, drag the red dot to your exact position on the map, and set it. This will override the tracking and show people where you are. This is handy if you're at a crowded festival, or if a something in your area is interfering with GPS signal.

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Let's reach out and pull in customers! You can hit 'create post' to blast out a message to all of your social media accounts at once! Link your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, hit the switches to enable sharing (at the bottom of the 'create post' page), and write something! You can send out a message about a new menu item, or just say hey. You can (and should) attach an image so people can see what's cooking. You can also include a special, app-generated link that will bring consumers directly to your page on Food Moves (just hit the 'deep link' switch).

Next, you can create a deal. Hit 'create deal' under 'Engage', and fill out the form. Name the deal whatever you'd like, give the details, and let folks know when it expires. Then you can share the deal to social media.

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Watch the customers roll in! 




The menu is the ultimate sales tool, so let's craft a good one. Hit 'Add Item' (in the Vendor Profile as well, under 'Menu'). Name the item, place it in a category (Starters, Entrees, whatever you write), describe the dish, and price it. Add an image (proven to increase sales), and add any key ingredients. Adding ingredients will help put your recipes in front of anyone looking for specific ingredients, like 'kale' or 'lamb' or 'honey'.

Lastly, indicate what dietary preferences the item fits. At the bottom of the 'add item' page, you can see some options. Is this dish Gluten-free? Kosher? Vegan? Let the customer know. This will let the item appear in searches for that dietary preference.

Repeat this process for each of your items, and you're good to go! From the menu page, you can also hold down the three bars next to any menu item to reorder the menu. You can also hit 'hide' at the top of the menu to hide any items you run out of, or remove any items you don't want to make anymore. 

Now you've got a menu to be proud of! People can see your food and all the lovely details. Now, let's take your business into the future with our 'Data' page, just below 'menu' on the Vendor Profile.


Data collection is one of our most exciting features. We keep track of your business and help you make sense of what does and doesn't work, so you can make data-driven, management choices. 

Once you're in the data page, you can scroll to view your business through numbers. You can see total visitors (people who have checked out your page), impressions (how many times people have seen your logo on the map), and check-in deals redeemed (how many people have used the app to get your discounts).

Further down, you can get more in-depth breakdowns of what deals were the most popular. You can use this to model future deals that are more effective and bring in more customers. You can see how many people 'favourited' your business, and see when they did. This lets you track when you were most popular and see if it corresponds to when certain deals or special items appeared.

You can also request new forms of data to track. Food Moves is always improving and working on new metrics to help you succeed.

Food Moves is the future of managing mobile food vendors, and the future of helping users find delicious food near them. 

Have any questions? Have any feedback? Just want to tell us about your day? We're happy to help with anything you might need, and we always love hearing from you. Email us!

Food Moves Team

Sam Beck