A Two Way Street with Food Moves:Building a Relationship & Feeding an Appetite

Food Moves is a mobile platform that enables a variety of vendors such as farmers markets, stadiums, food halls, and food trucks to discover new revenue streams. Our goal is to increase sales for these businesses by using our extensive suite of features within the platform. Food Moves improves brand recognition and expands the reach of vendors with exposure to a new audience.   

Vendor Features:

  • Enjoy a 0% commission & no transaction fees 

  • Stay connected with social media integration

  • Easily update your location in real time

  • Embrace change with your menu by making self-edits in vendor view 

  • Turn on ordering for convenience of consumer 

  • Increase visibility with map view     

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The mobile food industry is constantly changing and adapting to new ways influenced by the consumers. Food Moves provides clarity to the consumer that positively affects the vendors. The app’s easy access to ordering and tracking provides the consumer with the information that encourages their decision making process.Looking for some fresh fruit? With the Food Moves app, you can search for your favorite ingredients, find vendors who use those ingredients, or even Farmers Markets that sell those ingredients. The map view can help you narrow the search for a quick lunch and give an informative overview of the vendor’s distance and schedule. 

Consumer Features: 

  • Track vendors in real-time 

  • View the map for clear directions 

  • Receive notifications when you are near your favorite vendors

  • Place orders or book for catering events 

  • Browse daily menus and deals

  • Search for specific ingredients

The consumer can discover and purchase from nearby vendors all in real-time, then skip the line to pick up their already paid for items. Our vendors pay a subscription fee that includes Food Moves with 0% commission and transaction on orders. We charge a small convenience fee to the consumers. Food Moves is currently operating in these major areas:  the Greater New York Area, the Philadelphia Metro Area, and Austin,Texas. 

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Also available on Android!

Allison Gleich