NYC Food Health Inspection: December Brings Holiday Cheer & Inspection Fear

Just as the holiday season approaches in New York City, so does a new regulation for food trucks and mobile vendors. Starting December 2018, every food truck on the street of New York City will be inspected and graded. The New York City Department of Health recently announced the new grading system food trucks will taken in effect this holiday season. All mobile vendors in NYC will be graded be expected to broadcast the result on their vehicle. Here is what you need to do get your truck ready for the upcoming inspection.

What to Expect from the NYC Health Inspection

The New York City Department of Health will inspect all 5,500 food trucks and mobile vendors over a two year period starting December 2018. The locations of mobile vendor will be tracked and given to the Department of Health when due for inspection. After the inspection is complete, the  tracking and business information will not be viewable by the Department of Health. The score given by inspector should be posted on the side of each food truck. There are many similarities between restaurants and food truck grading system. See the announcement for mobile vendor letter grades made by NYC gov here.

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NYC Food Truck Grading System

All 5,500 will be graded on an A-C letter scale throughout New York City. The lower the score, the better the letter grade. The initial inspection is based off of a range 0-13 points. Once your trucks pass the initial inspection, your truck will not be due again for another 11-13 months.  If your score is higher than 13 points, that calls for a re-inspection of your truck that will occur in 8 days from the initial inspection.

  • 13 points or Lower = “A”

  • 13+ points = Re-inspection

  • 14-27 Points = “B”

  • 28+= “C”

New York City will be grading their food trucks and mobile vendors on two important aspects of their business and functionality. The quality of food and the quality of the work environment should be your focus to be sure to receive a high letter grade. It is extremely important to monitor and control personal hygiene, facility and equipment, pests, food temperature and handling. Hot foods are recommended to stay at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and cold foods should stay at 41 degrees Fahrenheit before bacteria grows. The city plans to hold workshops for mobile vendors to learn more on the inspection process and discuss how to avoid common violations.  Once your truck is due for inspection, the Department of Health will track your truck’s location. These location-sharing  devices will attach to the mobile units and only be viewable for the Department of Health for 24 hours.

New York City Food Truck Community

New York City Food Trucks have become a major part of the fast-pace lifestyle throughout the five  boroughs. This new enforced system has a variety of feedback within the food truck community. New York City restaurants were graded in 2010. 91%vendors of New York City approve of the grading while 88% of customers used the information to improve their decision-making process regarding food trucks. The grading scale can help shift the perception of food trucks and encourage new and returning customers to eat on the streets. The increase in knowledge the customer will receive by this process will result in a powerful customer.

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Allison Gleich