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You work so hard growing amazing produce and creating incredible specialty products with love. Let us help you create more loyal customers, sell more, and save you time. 


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Food Moves Helps You...

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Sell more produce and specialty items

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Save time and money


Create more loyal customers that engage with your brand more


Features built for you first. 


Build your Brand

You’re not just a pin on a map. Your brand is front and center throughout Food Moves. 


Engage with customers

Your daily outreach has never been easier. With one tap, you can send out a post to all of Food Moves and each of your social media channels. 


Transformative partnerships

We’re partnering with companies to make your life easier and increase sales. 


Real-Time Tracking

No more social media updates about your location, let Food Moves do all the work for with you with Real-Time Location Tracking. Set Food Moves up and never worry about tracking again.  



Promote your freshest items and specials to attract even more customers and increase the amount your brand shows up in search.


Ordering Makes You More Money on Food Moves

Becuase you pay us a monthly subscription we are able to provide you with advantages our competition just cannot, we care about your business not just orders. With Food Moves you make more money per order and it literally pays for itself. 

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Hands-Off Tracking

No more social media updates. No more customers complaining about not being able to find you. Introducing automated real-time tracking. Seconds to set-up for a lifetime of easiness. Sync to your website for an extra advertising channel. 

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Now you don't need to be a food truck to get booked for a catering gig.

Introducing the Farm-to-Office Program

A Private catering event for offices and co-working offices that provides a value add to their employees/member and a stronger more personal connection for you while you get a catering gig.  


Your Team, Your Devices, Your Way. 

Using an iPad, Tablet, iPhone or Android device? No worries, we custom built Food Moves for all your devices. Add your whole team with unlimited seats. Manage it with ease with our new and improved roles. 


Ingredient Level Insight

What’s the next big food craze? You’ll find out first with our ingredient level insights. Our data will paint a picture of the most desired foods in your area and help you cater your menu to consumer’s eating habits. Use this data to better your value proposition and attract even more customers.


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