Finding your food

Food Moves is evolving! We're shinier, sleeker, leaner and meaner. We have more features and run more efficiently, and it's as simple as making a bowl of cereal.

Sidenote: if you have trouble making a bowl of cereal we'd be happy to help with that as well!

So, what's new with Food Moves 2.0? So much. Let's walk you through!

Hungry and Looking For Grub

In the past, it's been tricky to find food trucks and farmers' markets. Their schedules are difficult to find, and they're always moving around. That's tough, because food trucks and farmers' markets provide some of the best, specialized meals and freshest, most delicious produce.



Home is where you'll be when you open the app! You can scroll up and down to see different categories. You can see vendors that are closest to you, or vendors who are currently running deals. There are more posts to be explored, so scroll away! At the bottom of the page you'll see navigation tabs. They read: Home, Search, Map, and Settings. .


Search (See what's out there!)

giphy (16).gif

Know exactly what you want? Awesome, search it up! If you want a burger, you can type in 'burger'. Any vendor that has matching items will appear in the results, and you can see which are closest or look the tastiest! 


Want a more specific ingredient? Our search is granular, meaning we're breaking things down to the ingredient level! Search for 'beef', 'caramel', 'blueberries' or 'mint'- whatever you can think of! If the brilliant chefs nearby mark those ingredients in their recipes, they'll pop up! And if you want to search for a dish with beef, caramel, blueberries, and mint all at once, we won't judge!

Want to discover something new? Check out popular searches. You can see if people are looking for Italian, or sushi, or recipes with kale. You can also narrow your search by type of vendor (Food Truck, Cart, Stand, Farmers' Market). Look around, we're sure you'll find something awesome! 

One more thing (the icing on the cake!): You can always filter your searches by dietary preference, price, vendor type, cuisine, and hours of operation.  Just hit the icon in the top right of the 'Search' page. Looking for Vegan Mexican food that won't break the bank? No problem!



iphone maps.png

Our real-time locator is the best tech out there. The cream of the crop. When you hit the 'map' tab, a map will open . You'll then be able to see your area (and further out, if you want to swipe away from your position). All mobile vendors will have their logo on the map at their exact location.

You can click the logo and be taken the vendor's page, where you can see a menu, prices, pictures, specials, and anything else you'd need. Like the vendor? Hit 'directions' (next to their address on top of the vendor page) and we'll take you there! If you really like the vendor there's a 'book this vendor' button on their vendor page you can hit.

Now get out there and find the food that moves you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Sam Beck