Getting Started with Food Moves

Food Moves is teaming up with the Mister Softee franchise to provide you with a way to attract more customers and be found in real-time with no additional hardware. All you have to do is follow the first 2 steps to get signed up and your truck on the Food Moves platform.

Best of all, there are zero additional costs to you. Your franchise will be paying for it! Woot. 

Step 1: Sign Up

Download the Food Moves App

Create a person account (yes, use your personal email and name please). 


Step 2: Fill out this form

Name (What you signed up with) *
Name (What you signed up with)
Phone *

Step 3: Download the Training Deck

Last Update: March 5th, 2018


Step 4: Need additional help? 

Here are some videos that will help you walk through the application. Come back here for more videos as we continually add to this section. 

5 Min Walk-though Video

How to switch between the user side and the vendor side


Step 5: Still Stuck? Need a real person? 

Contact us by email

Katie Brown, New Business Development

Joel Cettina, Founder


You can also join our vendor community on slack for chat and quicker response.